Welcome to my web-store
This is a gallery of my wood turnings.  All are hand made, one of a kind pieces.  
I use both local and imported woods in my Pepper mills, Bowls, wood ste
mmed wine and
champagne glasses, and crematory urns, all hand crafted in the beautiful Cherokee
National Forest of Tennessee.

I've tried to be as concise and specific in my descriptions of the items on this site and to
anticipate any questions, but if I have not covered your specific question, feel free to
contact me. Click on the contact link above and you will be directed to my email. I check
email frequently and will reply as soon as possible. I appreciate all of my customers and do
my utmost to insure their satisfaction. If you have any questions about any of my
products, or if you see a piece that isn't in stock, but you would like something similar
please feel free to contact me.

While I try to keep the site up to date and delete or remove all sold items,
pieces are subject to prior sale.

About the artist

My father was a carpenter, but I had little interest in woodworking.  I suppose you could
say I got into wood turning by accident.  A few years ago when I was in an art gallery in
southeast Texas and saw the work of a local artist who had turned a large and exquisite
bowl from the local Mesquite. By way of a compliment,  I commented to my wife that I
would like to be able to create this type of beauty.  She told my son that I wanted to
learn to turn wood.  That Christmas he gave me a lathe and a few pen kits. We tried out
the lathe that day in the garage. I've been hooked ever since.

I am essentially self taught. I have bought a number of books, videos and a lot of trial
and error before becoming somewhat competent in my work. I started turning pens
and other small turnings but have progressed to larger more artistic items.

Professionally I did International shipping and forwarding...But after 40 years of dealing
with the U.S. Customs Service, Department of Commerce Export regulations, steamship
lines, trucking companies and air carriers and all the problems associated with shipment
co-ordinations, I have decided that wood turning and wood working is much more
relaxing and enjoyable.

In 2005 I took early retirement and moved from Texas, to Tellico Plains, Tennessee where
I have built a nice new and spacious shop to play in and plan to devote as much time as
possible to my wood turning.

I do a few Art and Craft shows to market my wares, but would rather spend my time
turning, instead of selling. Hopefully this site will become a successful marketing strategy
to pass along my turnings to appreciative customers.
Oak Burl Urn
Spalted Hackberry  
Featured Items
"Caribbean Wave"
Engineered Wood
Stemmed Wine Glasses